A dreamy day to shower affection, will cupid strike in your direction?

Just one week until Valentine’s Day!  Have you thought about what to give that special someone?  Flowers are beautiful, but they wilt. Chocolate is delicious, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Like your love, a personalized poem is heartfelt and will make a lasting impression. Each poem is custom written and no two are the same. You tell me about your recipient and I will arrange words that melt hearts.

Valentine’s Day is just around the bend, give the gift of poetry to a lover or friend

Call today for your custom writing, guaranteed to be most delighting


A dreamy day to shower affection

Will Cupid strike in your direction

Loving words from lips are kissed

What’s meant to be is never missed

Sweet hearts embrace, close together

Wish this touch would last forever

Capture the moments magic mood

One story begins, one may conclude

Enchanted days and souls flirtation

I love you always, with exclamation

Poetry spoken, chocolate lovers

Laughing underneath the covers

A time devoted, hearts entwine

Will you be my Valentine?