Every Day Is Love Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s fun to see so many hearts and talk about love all over social media and the internet today. Are you seeing hearts in the clouds? Hearts in your food? Heart shaped doggie noses?  Do you like Valentine’s Day or do you wish this day would end? Do you spend money on expensive gifts for your lover or are you happy just cuddling up on the couch with someone special, even if that special someone is you?

Are you appreciative of this love year round? Are you mindful of all the beauty that surrounds you?


I believe that poetry is another way of being mindful and I don’t even think it’s possible to write a poem without being mindful. When we can stop to smell the aroma of fresh baked blueberry pie, stop to feel the texture of some cozy socks on our feet, stop to see the lines on our grandmother’s face, stop to notice our thoughts, that is when we feel gratitude and love.

This is where happiness lives. In the little things, they are free and they are priceless.

‘The best things in life are not things’

Here is a Haiku about the fun, light, and airy Valentine’s love out there today!

love makes the world spin

feel the freedom in each kiss

butterfly  tingles

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