Move Toward Your Dreams

For a special woman, I would like to share inspiration

Trust and know you are working through sweet innovation

Our lives transform over the years and they build

So strong and independent, you are perfectly willed

You are exactly where you are meant to be standing

Move toward your dreams and embrace what the world is handing

To you, attract what you know, what you think, what you believe

Always settle for more and you, my friend, will receive

Your experience in this lifetime is an invaluable treasure

You have accomplished so much, now take it with pleasure

As you stand up for yourself, you do empower

Courageous and strong, yet a gentle flower

Reflect of where you’ve been and the direction you are headed

With your morals and dignity carefully embedded

Stick to your guns, you know precisely what feeds the fire

In your soul and in your heart, what is your inmost desire?

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Baby Shower

Rebecca’s Baby

Pitter patter of tiny little feet to come

Rebecca you’ll make a sweet and caring mom

What a pleasant surprise and blessing

When is the due date? There’s no time for stressing

 Precious baby will enter your lives very soon

And you shall dance lightly to his or her own tune

 Will daddy Lincoln enjoy a baby girl or a boy?

Either one will bring bliss and an abundance of joy

 As we wait and watch the turning of leaves

We are excited and happy to welcome baby Reeves

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Sixteen Too!

Let’s go back to July 29, year 1991
Kathy and Marcel introduced us to another sweet little bun

Today is the day you turn sweet sixteen
Happy Birthday to you, how short it has been

Chantal Dupas as your day arrives
I’d like to share how you’ve brightened our lives

You came along second in your family
And assumed your post on the middle branch of the tree

Here’s what I’ve wanted to say since I started
In line at the bank ‘Auntie Mich I farted’

You crack me up with your laughter and joke making
I’d never pass up an offer to try your yummy baking

Are you going to town to hang with your friends
And still keep in style with the latest trends

Will you learn to drive as fast as you can
And be asking your parents for the keys to the van

Telly I know you’d make a great teacher
Mathematics, why not? your brain is a feature

Teaching those lessons to all sorts of young ones
You’d likely get through to even the dumb ones

You’ll be a success at what you decide
And what life throws at you, you’ll take in stride

Now at the end of this story I’ve told
The year of your birth I too turned sixteen years old!

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Funky InspirationSupercool chick manifesto 2018

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Jenna’s Adventure

Jenna Schwartz Happy 15th Birthday To You

Our visit this summer was long overdue

As we waited patiently for your time of arrival

Naive of the airports way for tourists’ survival

The lightning held you on your first flight even longer

As our anticipation grew that much stronger

I quite enjoyed the time together we spent

Riding in vans, chatting and postcards sent

We embarked on our road trip; Eastward bound

And arrived in Winnipeg where Grandma Norma was found

Snakes slither by as we are pumping our gas

Too much excitement for this old lass

From giant moose and tipis as we trek down #1

Life is for living, let’s go have some fun

You’re gentle and caring, peaceful and calm

I’m pleased you were here to ride along

I sincerely appreciate your help with my boys

Your wit and jokes and added joys

What a wonder to witness such a heart of compassion

And share in your shopping for style and fashion

I hope your adventure was what you expected

And your memories are fond once you have reflected

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As I sat next to you at dinner last night

I saw great inspiration, some kind of divine light

I feel comfort in knowing we share a soul sister connection

An unspoken and nonphysical sense of protection

Our friendship has grown over the past 20 years

Through laughter, adventures and most definitely, tears.

Both of us searching for something in life that is more

Nothing to do with the keeping of score

Today your words of wisdom will save me on track

‘We are the only ones (in our lives) who hold ourselves back’

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Delight your being in the flash, you are breathing in this instant

Find serenity in the current minute the future is but distant

The past is non existent now, it’s a memory and faded

Connect with souls and those who see Divine in us related

What we have is here and now we only have this moment

Focus on your gratitude and present day enrollment

Be conscious of your thoughts and words for they become your action

Santosha is about inner peace and calming satisfaction

Create joy for yourself on this very day, it’s really all we hold

When tomorrow is here and today is gone how will life unfold?

Stop preparing to live, you are only robbing from you

The cherished moment, will vanish in 60 seconds, with it, what will you do?

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10 Sacred Principles

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World, a topic of intrigue

An explorer; a woman who has come to believe 

The Yamas and Niyamas are sacred and divine

With Ahimsa in its glory at the top of the line 

Be kind to yourself, show compassion in your life

Adhere to this code to avoid needless strife 

Satya is magnificent and will set you free

Speak your truth gently and others will see 

That they too can be honest and true to creation

These points become clearer with our meditation 

When Asteya asks that we refrain from all stealing

Giving someone an opportunity is a beautiful feeling 

Practice Brahmacharya and you will thrive in moderation

You will witness many things with divine fascination 

Non-attachment and letting go of the outcome is Aparigraha

It was most empowering for me in my moment of “AHA!” 

Saucha speaks of simplicity of body, mind and soul

Clear your closets of clutter and clarity behold 

Discovering joy and happiness, gratitude and bliss

Are a few of the characteristics of what Santosha is

Being content where you are at this moment precisely

And deal with things welcoming, open, and nicely 

Tapas is about commitment and embracing your trials

We learn to endure and sustain through the miles 

When we study ourselves in Svadyaya, our ego our actions

We learn immensely about adjusting reactions 

Surrender gracefully; Ishvara Pranidhana can be our guide

We learn to go with the flow and take things in stride 

When they are attentively entwined and perfectly swirled

Ten sacred principles will change yourself and your world

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Free Haiku

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