Jenna’s Adventure

Jenna Schwartz Happy 15th Birthday To You

Our visit this summer was long overdue

As we waited patiently for your time of arrival

Naive of the airports way for tourists’ survival

The lightning held you on your first flight even longer

As our anticipation grew that much stronger

I quite enjoyed the time together we spent

Riding in vans, chatting and postcards sent

We embarked on our road trip; Eastward bound

And arrived in Winnipeg where Grandma Norma was found

Snakes slither by as we are pumping our gas

Too much excitement for this old lass

From giant moose and tipis as we trek down #1

Life is for living, let’s go have some fun

You’re gentle and caring, peaceful and calm

I’m pleased you were here to ride along

I sincerely appreciate your help with my boys

Your wit and jokes and added joys

What a wonder to witness such a heart of compassion

And share in your shopping for style and fashion

I hope your adventure was what you expected

And your memories are fond once you have reflected