Sixteen Too!

Let’s go back to July 29, year 1991
Kathy and Marcel introduced us to another sweet little bun

Today is the day you turn sweet sixteen
Happy Birthday to you, how short it has been

Chantal Dupas as your day arrives
I’d like to share how you’ve brightened our lives

You came along second in your family
And assumed your post on the middle branch of the tree

Here’s what I’ve wanted to say since I started
In line at the bank ‘Auntie Mich I farted’

You crack me up with your laughter and joke making
I’d never pass up an offer to try your yummy baking

Are you going to town to hang with your friends
And still keep in style with the latest trends

Will you learn to drive as fast as you can
And be asking your parents for the keys to the van

Telly I know you’d make a great teacher
Mathematics, why not? your brain is a feature

Teaching those lessons to all sorts of young ones
You’d likely get through to even the dumb ones

You’ll be a success at what you decide
And what life throws at you, you’ll take in stride

Now at the end of this story I’ve told
The year of your birth I too turned sixteen years old!