10 Sacred Principles

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World, a topic of intrigue

An explorer; a woman who has come to believe 

The Yamas and Niyamas are sacred and divine

With Ahimsa in its glory at the top of the line 

Be kind to yourself, show compassion in your life

Adhere to this code to avoid needless strife 

Satya is magnificent and will set you free

Speak your truth gently and others will see 

That they too can be honest and true to creation

These points become clearer with our meditation 

When Asteya asks that we refrain from all stealing

Giving someone an opportunity is a beautiful feeling 

Practice Brahmacharya and you will thrive in moderation

You will witness many things with divine fascination 

Non-attachment and letting go of the outcome is Aparigraha

It was most empowering for me in my moment of “AHA!” 

Saucha speaks of simplicity of body, mind and soul

Clear your closets of clutter and clarity behold 

Discovering joy and happiness, gratitude and bliss

Are a few of the characteristics of what Santosha is

Being content where you are at this moment precisely

And deal with things welcoming, open, and nicely 

Tapas is about commitment and embracing your trials

We learn to endure and sustain through the miles 

When we study ourselves in Svadyaya, our ego our actions

We learn immensely about adjusting reactions 

Surrender gracefully; Ishvara Pranidhana can be our guide

We learn to go with the flow and take things in stride 

When they are attentively entwined and perfectly swirled

Ten sacred principles will change yourself and your world